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Crowd-based Learning About Remedies & Solutions

Do you want to know remedies that have helped others? Browse RemedyRanking for ratings and rankings of health solutions, and filter your search by condition or remedy name.

We gather information about remedies, treatments, foods, therapies, supplements, practices and various programs to identify the solutions that are working for most people, and help you take advantage of the crowd?s wisdom!

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Share Your Wellness Experience

Knowledge is power and we want to provide you with the tools you need to make the best choices about your health and well-being. Has a certain remedy, program or diet helped you?

Share your experiences with the crowd and help others discover the path to wellness!

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The Power of Crowd Wisdom

We believe that the crowd?s wisdom is more than the sum of its individual contributing members. We?ve developed RemedyRanking to help you identify the remedies that helped the largest number of people, and get a better understanding of your health.

Browse the star-rated and ranked remedies and discover the treatment that works!

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 Experts in Healing Fields Contribute

Who is a better expert in your own health than you? We rely on real health outcomes reported by our contributors, and fill in our database with information on remedies, treatments and programs, as well as details provided by our volunteer health experts.

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 Healing Truths Come From Every Direction

Healing can come from the most surprising of places. We believe in the integrative approach and encourage our members to share their experiences with traditional, modern, functional and otherwise medicine.

Check out the most reviewed remedies by our community in the past month.

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 We Have No Editorial Agenda

RemedyRanking?s objective approach stems from the belief that one cannot be both a facilitator of a crowd-sourced rating system and contribute their own thoughts, solutions and biases. The only data we supply are conditions, remedies and ratings from online sources to kick-start our remedy database ? the rest is left to you.

We pride ourselves in our objectivity, transparency and integrity, and we work thoroughly to inspire confidence in all of our members. We are open to any medical or dietary modalities and welcome remedies of all sorts as long as the crowd?s wisdom tells us they work. 

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