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Our Story

Have you ever undergone a medical treatment only to wonder if it?s doing what it?s supposed to be doing? What if there was an aggregation of people?s health experiences you could tap into and find out which remedies worked, and what other people are doing to speed up their healing progress?

We wondered the same question and before we knew it, the idea of RemedyRanking was born. Since then, we?ve worked hard to establish the platform as the place to share and find wellness wisdom, and connect with like-minded individuals.


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Our mission is to create a platform where you can freely share your wellness experiences and help others heal. By relying on the crowd?s wisdom and an aggregate of people?s health experiences, we empower individuals to set off on their quest for living well.


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A Place for Sharing

RemedyRanking is built on real people?s reported health experiences. Designed with the end user?s in mind, our platform makes sharing your experiences feel like a breeze, whilst also ensuring your identity and personal data is protected at all times.

Our motto is sharing is caring and we encourage all of our members to contribute their own healing stories to help others!


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A Place to Find Healing Wisdom

The crowd?s wisdom is more than the sum of the wisdom of its individual contributors and we utilise this knowledge to create a place where you can heal and help others do the same.

We aim to create an aggregate platform where users can find information on foods, treatments, remedies, therapies, medicines, diets, supplements, exercises and others that work.


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A Place Where There is No Preferred Approach

We will never turn away your personal health experience because it?s not in accord with our own beliefs or expectations. In fact, we believe in the integrative approach; share your positive or negative experiences with traditional, modern or otherwise medicine to help our community grow.


The Team

Our team consists of individuals with background and experience in health, technology and business, who feel passionate about helping others and establishing the RemedyRanking as an online wisdom central. We pride ourselves on our integrity and objectivity and strive to operate with the greatest ethical standards in our personal and business life alike.
Together, we aim to make RemedyRanking into a global online platform and a health community where members can exchange information and help each other in their wellness experiences!

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