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RemedyRanking? Content, Review, and Comment Submission Policy


We take sharing each other?s wellness and healing experiences very seriously. It is part of our mission and to that end we aim to provide you every opportunity for you to participate and contribute on our website inclusively regardless of your wellness approach. However, to avoid potential problems for RemedyRanking?, its website, and community, we also have obligation to establish rules and standards by which contents are shared. This document will help you understand the content submission community standards on our website. Along and combined with Terms & Conditions at ( and Privacy Policy at ( and procedures that may be published from time to time on this it also constitutes agreement between you and RemedyRanking LC referred to as RemedyRanking? in all following paragraphs

Note: You may find some of the items listed here in our FAQ page worded similarly or differently.

Submissions Are Moderated

You should assume that any post you submit to our website is moderated. At our discretion the site may be programmed to automatically publish posts of submitters who have good track record of sharing posts while also consistently observing community standard discussed in the document. However, we are not obligated to create such program and when such program exists, to apply it to a particular submission or submitter. We reserve the right to delete (not publish) submissions that violet community guidelines.

Submitter who willfully violets this community standards, our terms and conditions, our core values, or reported by other users to be in violation of this community guidelines may be blocked from the site. This is not an action that we take lightly or arbitrarily, but we aim to create and maintain an online experience consistent with our mission of creating pleasant platform for sharing health experiences that in turn educates others.

On the other hand, we reserve the right to edit and then publish (with or without having communicated with you about the change, or obtaining your approval) any submission that otherwise meets community standard at our discretion. Once you submit content you will not have the ability to edit your own post. By submitting posts you accept that we may edit and publish or move your submission for the following reasons (but not limited to):

We may Edit Submission for Draft Quality ? For purposes of clarity, readability, grammar, spelling, tone or for any editorial reason before publishing a submission on its site. Submissions with excessive capitalization, spelling, or grammatical errors or excessive texting/other lingo may not be published.

We may Remove Links to External Contents/Sites ? Submitter must know that including links in the submission will automatically raise suspicion flag. The more link you include the higher the scrutiny. We urge you to refrain from adding links, but if the submission is otherwise acceptable, we may still publish your submission after removing the links. Links that are absolutely necessary to make your submission whole and in our judgement are not harmful, not overtly promoting product or service may be published, but may take time for our staff to research and make this determination.

We may Remove Potential Copyright Violations ? If we see obvious potential in the post for copyright violations, we may remove the part that appear to be in violation and still publish the post if in our judgement the intent and substance of the post does not change by the modification. This does not in any way imply that we are able to spot all potential copyright violations, but we make every effort to ensure exclusion of copyrighted content from the site. We will have no choice, but delete posts with obvious gross copyright violation. See copyright violation section within ?Post You Submitted Does not Appear on the Site??.

Post You Submitted Does Not Appear on the Site?

Have you allowed us enough time for moderation? If not please be patient. We will make every effort to approve are reject your content within one U.S. business day. In the following paragraphs we have itemized most common reasons (but not limited to them) that may have prevented us from publishing your post or may have been caught by our SPAM filter program.  In the most egregious cases the violation in the post may have resulted in our blocking of the submitter from the site. We reserve the right to delete, move, or mark as spam any and all submissions. We also have the right to block access to any one or group from submitting future posts or accessing our site. If you have allowed reasonable time and you know that your post is not a SPAM and does not violate the community standard policies in this document please contact us using the Contact Us page of the site. Most common reasons your post does not appear on our site:

Post is a SPAM or harmful ? SPAMs are irrelevant, junk, or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet or submitted to websites. Most SPAM posts are caught programmatically/automatically, but even when posts pass SPAM filters, we may still determine using human judgement that post is a SPAM and unpublishable. Upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content that is SPAM, or contains unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing.)

Rating is orchestrated for commercial or other gain ? This applies generally to all submissions, but most forcefully to remedy rating submissions. We strongly believe that the core part of our site?s usefulness to our community and its users is the extent that we can inspire trust in what they see on our site. We have to earn that trust by working extremely hard to ensure that dishonest claims/submissions are prevented from appearing on our site for commercial or other gains. We define dishonest submissions as ones that are not based on personal experience (enriching expert input/opinion, parents or guardian submitting minor child?s experience or care giver doing the same for a disabled person is acceptable) with the remedy, condition/health topic, or a particular remedy as applied to a given condition/health topic. We have processes by which we determine orchestrated remedy rating campaigns. We will work tirelessly to curtail these submissions thereby preserving trustworthiness of our site. If we have caught your submission on this basis, then you might already know why you don?t see your post(s) on our site.

Obvious Product Promotions – We have section in our FAQ page where we discuss justifiable mentions of specific product or brand. We will not publish blatant promotional content disguised as remedy/condition/rating submission. We have rigorous review process to prevent displaying product promotions no matter how they portray themselves as.  We work very hard to strictly guard against orchestrated remedy rating campaigns for commercial or other gains.  This goes against what we stand for.

But there are rare acceptable submissions that mention products specifically, generically, categorically, or by brand, when it is necessary to make the review meaningful to others. We will use our judgement and the following criteria to decide whether such post is publishable:

  • Review and ranking apply narrowly to specific mentioned product, product category, or maker of product (the review is not possible without mentioning the specific information).
  • Mentioned product is germane to the review and actually allows RemedyRanking? rank the product among other crowd-submitted peer products as applied to a given health condition/topic.
  • The use enables site users to compare products as remedy for a given condition or health topic.
  • The reviewer has to use the name or product in the review because it is the only product the user has experience with.
  • Being unique enough that the product is the only remedy or among few available products in the market or the remedy is the only one the reviewer has tried.
  • The product itself is a remedy and that there is no way to avoid mention of specific product, the brand, or product maker.

However such mention of product, specifically, generically, categorically, or by brand does not imply that RemedyRanking LC, staff, or its agents have endorsed such product.

Copyright, trademark, or trade secret violation – Every post you submit must be your own original content. Posting in whole or in part a copyrighted work, trademark, or trade secret of third party (another individual, corporation or organization) is not acceptable.  We reserve the right to delete (not publish) such posts.  Limited quoting of copyrighted material that falls under “fair use” doctrine maybe allowed, but stick to your original content to avoid uncertainty.

Language, manners and unacceptable messages – This site is a ?family friendly site? therefore any submission that includes threatening, abusive, divisive, toxic, libelous, defamatory, offensive or inappropriate language, and/or considered rude by our staff or reported by other users to be in violation of this community guidelines will be deleted. This is a friendly community, so play it NICE. Unacceptable messages in submission that prevent us from publishing contents include those that are invasive to the privacy and publicity rights of any person, or that violates any applicable local, state, national, or international law, including any regulation having the force of law.

We welcome relevant and topical debate ? We do not hold editorial view on various health/healing prospective/approaches/solutions/modalities out in this world. All approaches are welcome for submission and crowd ratings, but since individuals in our community are encouraged to submit their own wellness experience and observation with each approach or solution the debates are inevitable. While we welcome heath related debate and dissent, off-topic posts, personal attacks, trolling, and abuse will not be allowed. For individuals in our community, we believe the best course of action is to submit rating and review based on their own experience (or for practitioners in medical/healing field observations with their patients) with the particular health solution and refrain from submitting rating and reviews based on opinion/belief. As exception we welcome opinion of experts with credibility in the topic to submit their enriching thoughts (including reviews and ratings.)

The post is not health related, does not add value, or relevant to the topic in which it was posted in ? Our site is dedicated to impacting the lives of user through crowd-sourced wellness knowledge base. Submission that is inconsistent to this will not be published. The same will be true if the post is unrelated to the topic under which it was submitted (for example, review of remedy A should not be submitted under remedy B.)

Post puts us in legal jeopardy ? If for any reason we believe that it puts us in clear and present legal jeopardy, we will not publish your post.

Post maliciously impersonates ? If for any reason we believe that your post is maliciously impersonating any real person or entity, including but not limited to a RemedyRanking? staff member or volunteer, or to otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with any person or entity


Hold Harmless RemedyRanking?

All user submissions within our website are the responsibility of the submitter, and not of our company, our staff, or agents. We do not ask you to include any private including, but not limited to health information with your submission. By submitting a post on our site, you agree that the submitted content is your own, and you agree to hold RemedyRanking?, all its agents, and all representatives of  RemedyRanking? harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.

RemedyRanking? Reserves the Right to Use Your Submission

By submitting post you agree to allow The RemedyRanking? or its agents to use your submission in any manner that they may choose, display it in any online page that they may choose, reprint or use your submission in any electronic or print publications in perpetuity. This right applies to past submissions even if user has been blocked from the site for violation of policies here, or provisions in our Terms & Conditions ( and Privacy Policy ( and to past submissions when the user terminates registered account.

This Policy Covers User Submitted Content not Necessarily RemedyRanking??s Original Contents

This is primarily mission of our site is to facilitate sharing healing experiences from our users with each other, wider community of site visitors and us. However, RemedyRanking? also generates and makes available on the pages of the website its own content via its staff, agents, and contractors.  Our standards to submit our original content (such as creating remedies, conditions/health topics, ratings, blogs, or comments) is high, but this community standard is not intended to substitute to our own internal code of conduct in everything we do including content submission. For example, after extensive research we may create the first rating (seed rating that will be attributed to our team) of a specific remedy for a given condition/health topic. It will just count as one rating (for example 3 stars, 1 total rating/votes) and has no lasting power to skew the average. The average becomes more meaningful as more users rate the remedy, for example, by making it 4 stars, 231 total rating/votes.

Definition of Terms Used in This Document

Post, posting, content submission or submission ? Any text, image, or other input submitted, uploaded, or transmitted by site user to RemedyRanking? website with the intent to display/show/be shared with other site users and our staff or agents of RemedyRanking? (malicious or inappropriate intents are prohibited and are covered in sections of this document.) Submissions include, but are not limited to conditions/health topics, remedies, reviews, ratings, guest blogs, and comments.

Site visitor ? Used to refer to a person who accesses publicly available content on our site.

Submitter or user ? Site Visitor who submits post or a piece of content. Unless otherwise mentioned differently in specific sections of this document, only registered and logged in Site Visitor can submit post.

To publish ? When a post submitted by submitter is published by our staff (or automatically in some cases), they are made visible on the applicable page on the site to all site visitors.

To not publish or delete ? Our staff?s action or non-action not to allow submissions to be published (see definition for phrase ?To publish?.)

Website or site ? Unless otherwise noted these terms will be used interchangeably to refer website.

Our staff ? This phrase is used to refer to staff or agents of RemedyRanking?.

We or Our ? These terms are used to refer to our staff (see definition of Our Staff), the company RemedyRanking?.

Community Guidelines ? This is synonymous the title of this document ?RemedyRanking? Content, Review, and Comment Submission Policy? or community standards as used interchangeably. This policy is accessible through the ?Content Submission Policy? or similar links on the website.


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