How can I contribute to health knowledge base?

Everyone has some health experience (good or bad) that is useful and educational to others to tell the world. We primarily seek posting of your experience with food, remedy/medicine (prescription, OTC, traditional, natural, plant, or other), diet, exercise program, treatment, procedure, supplements, behavioral change, or abstinence from something. Unless you are a practitioners in medical/healing field We discourage contributions based solely on opinions (not based on experience of yourself or person under your care, example child or elderly.) We have made every effort to make sharing easy. If you would like to share blog on our health blog page, please see FAQ item “How Do I Submit Health Blog to Appear in Health Blog Page of RemedyRanking??”

What do I Do If Content I Submitted Does Not Appear on the Site?

We will make every effort to approve are reject your content within one U.S. business day. If you have allowed reasonable time, you have not seen approval or rejection from us, and you know that it does not violate the community standard policies in our Content Submission Policy and/or in our Terms & Conditions, please contact us using the Contact Us page of our site.

Are there unacceptable submissions such as product promotions?

Yes. Please see FAQ item “But are there acceptable submissions that mention products specifically, generically, categorically, or by brand?” for acceptable mentions. We will not publish blatant promotional content disguised as remedy/condition/rating submission. Please read community standard policies in Content Submission Policy and/or in Terms & Conditions to learn more about our policies. We have review process to prevent displaying product promotions no matter how they portray themselves as. We work very hard to strictly guard against orchestrated remedy rating campaigns for commercial or other gains. This goes against our values and what we stand for.

But are there acceptable submissions that mention products specifically, generically, categorically, or by brand?

Yes, but those in violation of Content Submission Policy and/or Terms & Conditions will not be published.

If it is necessary to mention product we generally prefer a neutral reference of class of products in your review, but we understand that mention of specific product, product category, by brand, or maker of product may be necessary to make the review meaningful to others. We will use our judgement and the following criteria to decide whether the post is publishable:

  • The mentioned information is not in clear violation of FAQ “Are there unacceptable submissions such as product promotions?”
  • Review and ranking apply narrowly to specific mentioned product, product category, or maker of product (the review is possible without mentioning the specific information).
  • Mentioned product is germane to the review and actually allows RemedyRanking? rank the product among other crowd submitted peer products as applied to a given health condition/topic.
  • The use enables site users to compare products as remedy for a given condition or health topic.
  • The reviewer has to use the name or product in the review because it is the only product the user has experience with.
  • Being unique enough that the product is the only remedy or among few available products in the market or the remedy is the only one the reviewer has tried.
  • The product itself is a remedy and that there is no way to avoid mention of specific product, the brand, or the product maker.

What information should I be careful about sharing publicly?

When you submit your posts be mindful of information you share about your health. The comments and reviews you submit in the site are publicly visible and they will be displayed along with profile data you provided when you signed up on the site (we never display your email address on our site). You should not share private health information unless you are certain that you would like to share certain medical history about you. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

How Do I Submit Health Blog to Appear in Health Blog Page of RemedyRanking??

We are delighted that you are interested in sharing blog content that would be of interest to our community. We only approve postings that are closely related to wellness, consistent with our mission, we believe is helpful to our readers, and do not contain commercial interest that are incompatible to our values. We will conduct extensive research on submitter’s reputation, history, and expertise among other things to decide whether the post is publishable. But we urge you to share your blog via “Submit Health-Guest Blog” if you have compelling content that you know enriches RemedyRanking? community. If it is of interest to us we may go through some collaborative (we may ask for modifications) process to hopefully end up with your final content appearing in its final draft form on our health blog page. Keep in mind that all of submission acceptability rules in this FAQ and Content Submission Policyapply to blog submissions, but our team will apply stricter scrutiny to blog submissions.

My submission was edited by RemedyRanking??

Yes, that may be the case. Per our Content Submission Policy RemedyRanking? reserves the right to edit any submission for purposes of clarity, readability, grammar, spelling, or tone before publishing a submission on its site. Submissions with excessive capitalization, spelling, or grammatical errors or excessive texting/other lingo may not be published.